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Trancelogic by Dave Van Weerdinge

DJ Dave van Weerdinge has his own Trancelogic mix on The TranceStation every Saturday at 7PM Central Europe Time and at Sunday 1PM Toronto time! So make sure to Tune in!

From an early age, Dave van Weerdinge was touched by music.
In the 1980s mainly because of the Soulshow of a dutch radio DJ named Ferry Maat containing the "union of starters". Inspired by the Dutch mixers Ben Liebrand and Peter Slaghuis, it was a world that opened up for Dave.
In the late 1980s, electronic music accelerated and he consciously  polite, from new beat and acid to house and hardcore. 
In the 1990s Dave went to a number of house parties and played every weekend in a dance café.
In 1999, with a job as a Truck driver, he heard System F with Out of the blue on the radio during his nighttime ride.
This was his discovery of Trance music. You can't feel the emotion, you can feel in trance music What isn't possible in other musical styles.

In 2009 Dave started making his own Trance mixes, not only to stick some songs together, but to turn each mix into a party!

Listen to his Trancelogic parties every Saturday @ 7PM CET!